Bull Riding: A True American Sport

Just recently, we saw a rodeo event on television. It was a bull riding competition, and it looked like the most intimidating thing we’ve ever seen. We often take for granted how much physical and mental preparation is needed to succeed in this sport. We took an instant fascination with the sport and began research of our own. Here are some of the basic facts about bull riding.

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Bull rider gear: Pro bull riders apparently wear padded vests (a more than a wise idea), leather chaps, and spurs. Hats are good as well, but helmets are even better.

Bull rider training: Bull riders are physically strong – or at least physically strong enough to lift themselves up by their arms alone. They do a lot of HIIT to improve overall strength, and they practice with real bulls and horses to prepare for big events.

Bulls: Bulls in the rodeo are only allowed to travel 10 hours in a day. The rest of time they should be resting.

Rodeo Clowns: Rodeo clowns are there to make the people happy and keep the cowboys safe after being thrown off a bull.

The Ride: Cowboys use a bull rope when they ride the bull. There’s a cowbell and a rosin as well. Rides are eight seconds long. As soon as a rider lets go of the rope, or if he touches the ground, or if his free arm touches the bull, that’s it. The clock stops.

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Why Super Teams are Ruining the NBA

Just recently, the New York Knicks’ Derrick Rose signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, joining Lebron James and an army of top-rated players to form yet another super team.

This is just one example of a trend that has been quite popular over the last few years. It happened when Kevin Durant joined Klay Thompson and Steph Curry in Golden State. However, this may be more forgivable because the Splash Brothers were already there with the team, to begin with.

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There are other teams in the NBA that have taken the route of assembling the best five out of the biggest superstars all over the league. It’s ridiculous, and it’s killing the league.

That’s because the message is strong. It simply states that the only sure way to win a championship is to hoard all the talent in one place.

Whatever happened to winning through sheer passion and dedication? That’s something that the NBA needs to have a really good look at today. Soon enough, what we have so loved as a sport will turn into nothing more than a business, which truly makes the essence of sportsmanship a lot less significant.

Michael Jordan, the greatest player that the NBA ever saw, put it best when he said he would have never called Larry Bird or Magic Johnson to even so much as float the idea of building a super team. That’s because he wanted to beat them, not join them.

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This is the kind of player that makes winning an attitude, the kind that we are seeing a lot less of nowadays.

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